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It’s what you get with the most comprehensive telemedicine app

24-7 Doctor Call
Telemedicine Service

Using 24-7 Doctor Call saves you time and money for many of your medical issues instead of expensive and time-consuming ER, urgent care or doctor's office visits.

Are you one of the millions of Americans struggling to see a doctor? 

We have great news!

Telemedicine plus

Modern medicine meets modern convenience

No commutes. No waiting rooms. No need to reschedule your day. Akos lets you virtually consult with board-certified physicians and nurse practitioners from your smartphone or tablet so you can avoid the hassles of a physical visit.

Personalized care puts you at ease

Akos treats a wide range of non-emergent conditions and uses care coordinators to assess your individual symptoms, so you can speak face to face with the healthcare provider that best meets your needs.

24/7 virtual sick and urgent care

Your scheduale isn't 9 to 5. It's 24/7. That's why Akos provides around=the-clock access, so you receive the medical care any day, any time and anywhere!

Care navigation and in-office referral

Your Care Navigator makes healthcare easy and affordable. If you require additional services or a referral beyond telemedicine, we’ll guide you to the right care, at the most appropriate location and at the fair price.

Program Includes

Member Care

Member Dashboard

  • National Service (50 states)

  • Virtual Primary Care Consults

  • 24/7/265 Virtual Sick and Urgent Care

  • Care Navigation and In-Office Referrals

  • Device Agnostic Member App

  • Chat

  • Video

  • AI-powered Chatbot

  • Online Scheduling

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